Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slow and Steady Pace - ArtOMat

It's been a slow and steady pace but I've finally got the next batch of art blocks ready to ship off to my friends at ArtOMat.

I'm excited about this next batch. My artwork is laced with social related concerns. I've created a series of connected blocks. These make it especially fun for collecting because two or more blocks complete the full drawing or painting.

I've taken a photo collage of my work and presenting it here. I don't know which vending machines these will end up...I wait to hear from the ArtOMat folks to let me know.


  1. Oh My!! These are the best yet. I really am going to buy some. I have not forgotten, just crazy right now for a little while. Please tell me if any make their way to Sacramento. I will be taking another Road Trip, but will be difficult to get a complete one, but fun trying. It will make me keep feeding the $5.00 coins in. WOW!! Thanx for sharing. Sharon

  2. Well, thanks again. You can purchase one of my art block prints directly through my blog via PayPal. Check out the side bar to make the purchase.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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