Sunday, November 30, 2008

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our chickens started to lay their first eggs. The Leghorns are the first to lay eggs. Their eggs are white as shown in the image on the right above. One of our Araucana's got jealous and decided to out do her Leghorn sister by laying the extra large green egg as shown above.

I took the picture to show comparison between the store bought brown egg on the left with my farm fresh eggs. Soon, we'll have brown eggs from our Wynadotte breed. The color of the egg is determined by the skin color as seen on the feet of the chickens. Essentially, the taste is the same as well as the nutrition level. Contrary to some belief that brown eggs are superior to white. A hen egg by any other color is still a hen egg. :)

My family got to enjoy the first eggs at this mornings breakfast. And, they were so yummy. The yolk from our chickens' eggs are darker, a bit more orange. This is due in part to their diet being supplemented with left over bread crumbs and vegetables, especially green veggies. Our chickens love the table treats and we get a nutritional boosts from the supplement as well.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Artists in Cellophane

I create artwork blocks for Artists in Cellophane Currently, my artblocks can be purchased at the Whitney Museum and the NYC Community Arts.

I create original art exclusively for Art-O-Mat and high quality limited edition prints on blocks the size of a cigarette pack. I received my first check from the sales the other day. It's such a great feeling to know there are people out there who will enjoy these miniature art pieces.

Currently, I'm working on new art block submissions for Art-O-Mat. Check back to see some of my latest work. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday Shopping Sale
You are as unique as our designs

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See my original fine art and archival prints at very reasonable prices at my fine art site: Off The Cuff Art
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chicken Love - Oil Painting

Chicken Love is an oil painting of two of my chickens. This oil painting is on 5 x 7 canvas. It is hand painted and signed by me, artist, Barbara Giordano. It's Henry, my rooster with one of his 13 girlfriends. These chickens are still very young as their combs and wattles are just coming in.

You can purchase a high qualtiy, archival print directly from my website, Off The Cuff Art. It's printed on my Epson R1900 printer with Ultra Chrome pigment, archival ink. I use only high qualtiy, professional, acid free, heavy weight (67lb) photo paper with a luster finish. It is water and fade resistant that will last more than a lifetime with proper care.

If you're a collector of original artwork, please email me for more information.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Journey - Oil on Canvas

I painted this one for my son. He was born in the year of the horse. My young son shares some of the characteristics of those born under this Chinese astrological sign: independent, impulsive, warm and attractive. He also has some special needs which is where some of his impulsive tendencies lie. I see my son as carefree, strong and determined and from those thoughts is this art piece.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just Another Chicken Kind Of Day

The girls doing the chicken strut

As it turns out, the she is a he. I name him Henrietta as a chick and of course, he started to crow and get those beautiful tail feathers.

Henrietta aka Henry with one of his girlfriends.

Ah, rooster heaven.

It's just me and my girls. See how handsome I am.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama Is My President

New Direction - Acrylic on Canvas

Last night, I watched and I wept as history was being made in the United States with the election of the first, African American President, Barack Obama. After feeling so discouraged with a sense of hopelessness
over the direction our country was heading these past 8 years, I find a renewed faith and hope. It is such a great day for America and a great day for the African American community.

After a very long time, I can say with a full heart, I'm so proud of being an American. I'm so proud of the people who rose up into one voice to make this change a reality. I feel hope for my young son who is a black American. I see his future as brighter. I feel hope for all people in this great country that we are finally moving in the direction to not judge an indiviual based on their race but rather on their character and merit.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Miniature Oil Paintings

I've created two new miniature oil paintings. One is an interpretation from my memory of a pet cat I had named, Lady. The other is an abstract of a country road in the fall near my home. I painted the abstract for a friend. Both paintings are on canvas and signed by me, artist, Barbara Giordano

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