Sunday, December 2, 2007

Custom Order Adoption Bracelet

It just got easier to order a personalized adoption bracelet design. Due to popular demand, I'm now offering a fully customized adoption by multiple countries of origin. Many adoption families similar to my own have children adopted from different countries. For instance, my son was born here in the U.S. and my daughter was born in China. My customers have been asking me to respond to the ever expanding way we celebrate adoptions through my exclusive adoption designs. We know families who choose to adopt are not a one size fit all. The unique adoption designs I create make it so easy for you to be involved in the process of having a jewelry design made just for you to reflect your adoption experience.

Go to: custom order adoption bracelet to choose from sterling silver charms and sparkling Swarovski crystals to create your very special design. These symbolic bracelets make a very meaningful, thoughtful gift this holiday shopping season. Whether it be for yourself or some you know who have adopted or waiting to add to their family tree. Don't wait to order this holiday season because supplies will last only as long as I have components to make your special design.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

15% Off All Earrings

I'm offering a special holiday earrings shopping sale at my website, Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs. All earrings are marked down 15% and no checkout code required. The sale is for this week only and ends on Friday, November 30, '07

Thursday, November 22, 2007

3 Day Thanksgiving Sale

Take 20% off total purchase of $100.00 or more. Gobble07 checkout code. Sale starts Friday 11/23, ends Sunday 11/25

Monday, November 19, 2007

Forever Family Necklace Design

Introducing my latest adoption design is the "forever family" love necklace. It's a lovely affirmation necklace with two bands and one heart at the center. The necklace is a diamond cut sterling silver chain.
An affirmation of pride and celebration, I created the piece so that customers can choose a Swarovski crystal to represent what is most meaningful. Whether it's the birth month, adoption month or gotcha month the custom color personalizes the necklace and makes it extra special to the wearer. What a great, thoughtful gift this necklace treasure will make for anyone either connected by adoption or waiting to adopt.
All of the components used to handcraft the necklace are .925 sterling silver. My signature SJD designer tag is added to each necklace.
This special adoption design is available exclusively at Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs online store.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November is Adoption Awareness Month

The adoption community recognizes November adoption awareness month. This month helps us focus on finding ways to celebrate adoption, assist in educating people to help dispell myths and prejudices still associated with adoption. Here is a site with a calendar showing how awareness can be brought about each day this month: Adoption Awareness Calendar

I bring adoption into my daily conversations with my children. I tell them how much I love them and how lucky I am to have them in my life. Do you have a special way to celebrate adoption? I would love to hear your ideas.

Monday, November 5, 2007

8 Reasons to buy Handmade

I came across this great article on written by the owner of Cozy Cat Scarves. The article highlights 8 important reasons to shop handmade this holiday season. If you're still not sure about purchasing handcrafted gifts, please read on:

1. Handmade products are unique. Do you really want the same scarf, mug, earrings, necklace or other item that 20,000 other people have? Of course not! Handmade items are always unique, even if they are the same type of product because they are not made by machines they are crafted by human beings so each piece will have its’ own unique characteristics.

2. Handmade items have personality. Life is not about being blah. Life is about expressing yourself and to do that your things need to have as much personality as you do. If you are happy with buying mass produced items that have no personality off a shelf at Wal Mart think about what that says about you. Don’t you want to express some personality?

3. Handmade items are special. When you get a gift don’t you feel a little bit more loved when someone gives you a handmade gift? Everyone loves getting handmade gifts or wearing something that was made just for them.

4. Handmade items last longer. Because they are made from high quality materials and handcrafted by trained artists items that are handmade last longer than low quality imported mass produced items.

5. Handmade goods are high quality. If you are a person who values the quality of an item more than the price then you already know that handmade items are far superior to mass produced items. While a mass produced item may be cheaper initially is it really cheaper when the item needs to be replaced a month later? When quality matters, go handmade!

6. Handmade items are not made by children in sweatshops in Third World countries making 10 cents a day. Experienced and trained craftspeople make each handmade item. So while you might pay a few dollars more for a handmade item it’s because you are paying for quality, experience, talent, and craftsmanship. Isn’t that worth paying for?

7. When you buy handmade you are supporting traditional arts and crafts techniques that have passed down through generations. In today’s high tech world the old arts and crafts traditions are being replaced by mass production but when you buy handmade you are saying that you prefer your items to be high quality pieces of art instead of mass produced trinkets.

8. When you buy handmade you are supporting local and small businesses. By paying artists and craftspeople for their goods you are supporting them and all the businesses that they do business with. If you are a person who believes in supporting your community economically then buying from local artists is a great way to support your community and make sure that your money goes to support local businesses.

Keep these things in mind the next time you see a scarf, a bracelet, some great handmade soap or other item and think,” I could get that for half price at Wal Mart.”!

Buying handmade also means that you can spend the same amount you were planning on spending, or less, and you can get unique gifts for everyone on your list. Please, shop handmade this holiday season!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Adoption is Love Artwork Pendant

Expanding on my newest line of designs is the Adoption is Love artwork pendant. I created this original pendant design expanding the adoption is love jewelry designs. I love this miniature piece of artwork with the hand drawn art of mother and child. The oval is 1.5 x 1 inch and it's on a lovely .925 sterling silver diamond cut chain. For more information and to purchase this original design, please visit my website: Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs

Friday, October 26, 2007

Handcrafted Jewelry is Worth the Price

I came across an interesting article from another jewelry artist blogger about pricing handmade jewelry - Nancy Troske Jewelry. The article made me want to comment further on the subject of the cost and value of handcrafted jewelry.

When you buy a piece of handcrafted jewelry, you're buying an artistic creation. Artistic creations cannot be replicated in mass. All the pieces going into the individual design requires evaluation, manipulation and translated into a wearable artwork. Any jewelry artist worth their muster clocks in a considerable amount of time crafting the individual pieces. It's a creative process. Replication isn't creative. And, creativity is not a thing that can be turned on/off at will. There are many days that go by where my creativity to come up with new design ideas are blocked. And, creative people will often come up against creative blocks. We look for inspiration in our surroundings hoping for a spark. I will do rough sketches of whatever comes into my mind to help generate creative sparks. It's a process.

Handcrafted products are an investment in exchange for a unique commodity. And, if I can go so far to say, an investment in history. Handcrafting is as old as time. It's easier and cheaper to make jewelry casted from a mold. However, you're losing the uniqueness handcrafted products offer. The discerning buyer seeks the special quality and originality handcrafted jewelry gives to the wearer.

It's a compliment to me when people ask if I make all of the designs seen on my website. The question, I think, is valuable. And, I say this because, I work very hard at creating high quality jewelry designs. I work hard at coming up with fresh ideas to keep my work alive. I don't work 9 to 5 on my business. It's a 24/7 work in progress. I live, eat and sleep working on coming up with new design ideas and finding new and improved ways of marketing my business. It's not taken lightly in the least. And, it's far from easy. Some might think, "I can do that". "It's easy to make handcrafted jewelry". In fact, it isn't unless you're either copying what other jewelry artists do or your buying the jewelry and passing it off as your own. An artist works to creating what reflects them as individuals and individual experiences. And, that is what makes the art so interesting and unique.

If you come across handcrafted jewelry designs that are priced too low, it's good to think, is it worth the price? Is the item well crafted? Are the products unique? Did the person selling the low priced items create them by hand. The prices of the jewelry designs I make reflect the time, effort and resources going into each and every design. I have no desire to pump out a piece in record speed. I prefer to work slowly and deliberately creating products of high value and hopefully become a life long treasure. With that being said, a well handcrafted piece of artisan created jewelry is definitely worth the price over anything you find made in mass.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Artwork Pendant

New to the catalog is the very beautiful, original, one of a kind artwork pendant created by me and signed on the back. I use acid free pigment inks on hand sanded ceramic. Sanding gives a nice, smooth finish. The artwork and all sides of the pendant is topped off with 3 coats of high gloss, acid free sealer for long lasting beauty and enjoyment. All of the findings are sterling silver. The bail is wire wrapped sterliing silver with a Swarovski crystal for just a touch of added sparkle. The hook/eye clasp is wire wrapped sterling silver as well. The pendant is hung on lovely silk dyed in multi-turquoise and has my designer SJD signature tag in sterling. It's so light weight and such an eye catching piece. This necklace looks super great with jeans.

An original piece of artwork is being sold at the very modest price of $35.00 directly from my website. You'll not find anything like it elsewhere. Enjoy wearing original artwork jewelry. Visit my website to shop for well handcrafted artist designs:

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Work From Home Momma

Recently, I was interviewed by Laura Spencer from the Work From Home Momma site. Laura selects work at home moms who have been running a home based business for at least 2 years. It's cool because I got to talk about what I love doing most and that's creating art in the form of handcrafted jewelry.

In the interview my signature line of adoption jewelry got center stage. The adoption jewelry is the design that helped to ignite my business. One of my most recent creations is the 14K gold filled Adoption is Love bracelet. It's a high end piece of jewelry that reflects a great deal of love and pride because of it's unique sentiment. Many of my designs can be made to order but the 14K GF adoption design has many options available to make it a very personal accessory.

Customers can choose between birth stone colors in any combination and chose three charms from a list to create a personal, meaningful bracelet. In this way, the bracelet reflects the unique adoption experience.

The image shown here is a sample of the bracelet I made for myself. I chose garnet and aquamarine birth stone colors representing each of my two children's birth month respectively. My daughter is Chinese so I decided on the ladybug charm. My son is African American so I thought the mask charm to be the best choice. At the center of the bracelet is a lovely heart charm with the word love in the center.

The bracelet is stunning. Although it's an outstanding bracelet, I feel it can be worn from day to night. I love it! I get so many compliments on the bracelet.

You can purchase the bracelet directly from my website. It makes a great gift for any occasion. I only wish I had one when I was adopting my children in 1999 and 2002. Now any pre or post adoptive parent can have one. It's also a great gift idea for grand parents too!

Brain Fart

Ok - it took a day to figure out my problem about not being able to view my blog. This is what happens in your mid-years - ugh! I just gave myself a shot in the head because I could have had a V8. Just kidding!

No, what happened is I experienced a brain fart. I was attempting to publish my blog incorrectly - oh, silly me. Anyway, thankfully I got it figured out so now all my friends in cyberspace can read my blog - oh, joy :-)

Attempting to view blog...

I just created this new blog space the other day and I'm experiencing difficulty viewing it.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs Added Another Blog Space

You can now find me on two blogs. Two blogs are better than none, eh? I'm excited about creating this new blog. It provides another way for me to get the word out on the great designs I make. I'm an artist. My main focus has been on crafting jewelry designs. The designs I make are unique and very well made. You can check it out here: I think you'll like what you see. And, you can let your friends know about my site too! As an artist, I guess I can't be too modest for suggesting it.
So, why do I call this blog "Sunfluer's Designs?" I also draw and paint. Creative people seem to need more then one way to express themselves. With that being said, I recently created artwork ceramic pendants. The one above is a personal favorite. You can check out more artwork pendants as well as the many other designs on my website.
BTW: You can find the other blog at this spot

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