Friday, September 26, 2008

Rosebud Original Oil on Canvas

We started to raise chickens this year and we got them as day old chicks. If you've never had the pleasure of being around chickens, I must tell you, they are so sweet and amusing to watch. I have a flock of 14 hens and probably got a little carried away in having so many to start out.

The combs are just starting to come out and I'm not sure yet what the shape of the comb will be once fully grown.

I finally got motivated to take my hand to working with oil paints for the first time. Above is a chicken portrait I titled "rosebud" because of the shape of the comb.

I'm now hooked on oil paints. I can see why many artists enjoy working with the medium. I don't know why I was so hesitant but I'm glad I finally took the leap.

It's a 12x16 oil painting on canvas.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Art and Political Views

I received an email the other day from a person who didn't want to follow my blog because of some of my political posts. They're concerned that because they don't necessarily agree with some of my views, if others would see they subscribe, it automatically "means" they agree with my position.

I think this is unfortunate as I see the value of looking at various view points if not for anything else, to get a different perspective. As an artist, whether I write about political concerns or not, some of my art reflect my thoughts. I don't have to create art related to political subjects but as an artist, I feel compelled to do so. Art is an avenue to express societal and political concerns. And, thank goodness we continue to have this freedom of expression.

My thoughts on politics, etc., is only one part of who I am as a person. There are other facets in my interests. I hope that if you like some of the things you see on this blog, it compels you to want to see more and not rule out only one aspect of it for choosing not to subscribe.

Thank you for visiting here today.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Custom Website Built For You

Do you want a professional looking website but don't have the time or resources to build one. My webmaster will build one for you in the color scheme of your choice. A website like the one shown above can cost well above $500.00 to build.

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Once the site is designed, it will be your responsibility to enter all other products. You will receive easy to understand instructions on how to add products and more. You also receive support via email and phone if you run into problems or need a question answered!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Politics - Palin Has Some Explaining To Do

Is it sexist to expect a woman being accused of a whole lot of stuff to make a case of truth for herself? I'm a woman and I don't think so!

Sarah Palin came out of nowhere to become McCain's Vice Presidential choice. Palin didn't exist to many of us and she comes with what appears to be a huge amount of baggage in tow. Palin brings to the ticket views that are to the extreme right, laced with racism and fascism. I think it's important to consider the potential implications of this particular VP nominee. And, we know if McCain is elected and croaks in office, Palin will take over. Do we really want to take a gamble on that?

Here is what I think... If Palin is so competent and has integrity as so claimed by the Republicans, why is she not coming forward to meet with the press? She has nothing to hide - right? It shouldn't be an issue, right?. In fact, Palin, in my estimation, should welcome the opportunity to come forward to clear up her "good" name.

It is not sexist to expect a Vice Presidential candidate to clear up rumor and put to rest any uncertainties about her integrity. Because I will tell you "friends", there appears to be a trail of trash in Palin's wake.

Palin claims baby, Trig is her son not daughter, Bristol's child. How is it possible for any woman to wait and travel for hours after the amniotic fluid breaks - a sure indication the baby is well on it's way to entering the world! Why haven't we seen a picture of the proud Palin taken shortly after the delivery of "her" baby? You know the one - the one taken in the hospital room after the baby is brought to the waiting arms of every mother. The sad part about all of this is that it's being questioned and her story questionable. And, why are people suspicious in the first place? Is it because Bristol is actually working on baby number two? Or, is it because Palin can't practice what she preaches regarding abstinence in her own home? Or, is it because she's a calculating liar that will use whatever means necessary to further her political ambition even if it's at the cost of her own children's welfare?

One of the most disgusting things I've read about Palin recently is that she was overheard in a local Alaskan diner referring to Barak Obama as a "Sambo" and Hillary Clinton as a "bitch". There is no room left in American society to allow for this type of mentality to prevail in Washington.

Now here's another thing to consider. If Palin doesn't meet with Joe Biden in an expected Vice Presidential debate due to some lame excuse from the Republicans, here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to write to all of my representatives (for whatever its worth) and claim foul and cover up. We, the people, have a right to see and understand exactly what Sarah Palin will bring to the table in Washington by answering challenging and straight forward questions. As well as how well she holds up under scrutiny. And, not that it would change my mind about voting for McCain because it wouldn't. It's a matter of principle to putting their money where their mouths are.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Politics - McCain/Palin - I do not think so

OMG! You've got to be kidding me. As if I needed another reason not to vote for McCain - if only he had a brain! His VP choice of Sarah Palin is insulting to say the least.

McCain is pandering to women thinking Palin will be a viable female substitute for Hillary Clinton. Palin's views if allowed to come to any type of fruition would throw women back into the stone age being dragged by their hair. And, I'm not one to bash any one's beliefs but common on folks - do you think man was really walking the earth with the dinosaurs! It's frigging scary thinking if you ask me - but who' asking me, right!?

And, if you didn't know already, take a closer look at Palin:

Who is this Sarah Palin anyway?

Here's some basic background:

• She was elected Alaska's governor a little over a year and a half ago. Her previous office was mayor of Wasilla, a small town outside Anchorage. She has no foreign policy experience.

Palin is strongly anti-choice, opposing abortion even in the case of rape or incest.

• She supported right-wing extremist Pat Buchanan for president in 2000.• Palin thinks creationism should be taught in public schools.• She's doesn't think humans are the cause of climate change.

• She's solidly in line with John McCain's "Big Oil first" energy policy. She's pushed hard for more oil drilling and says renewables won't be ready for years. She also sued the Bush administration for listing polar bears as an endangered species—she was worried it would interfere with more oil drilling in Alaska.

• How closely did John McCain vet this choice? He met Sarah Palin once at a meeting. They spoke a second time, last Sunday, when he called her about being vice-president. Then he offered her the position.

Shh, the baby might actually be (who would imagine) her oldest daughter’s… It’s starting to reek with stench around here – better pull up my hip boots.

Who's Baby Is It? Your guess is as good as mine and everything comes out in the wash.

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