Thursday, September 25, 2008

Art and Political Views

I received an email the other day from a person who didn't want to follow my blog because of some of my political posts. They're concerned that because they don't necessarily agree with some of my views, if others would see they subscribe, it automatically "means" they agree with my position.

I think this is unfortunate as I see the value of looking at various view points if not for anything else, to get a different perspective. As an artist, whether I write about political concerns or not, some of my art reflect my thoughts. I don't have to create art related to political subjects but as an artist, I feel compelled to do so. Art is an avenue to express societal and political concerns. And, thank goodness we continue to have this freedom of expression.

My thoughts on politics, etc., is only one part of who I am as a person. There are other facets in my interests. I hope that if you like some of the things you see on this blog, it compels you to want to see more and not rule out only one aspect of it for choosing not to subscribe.

Thank you for visiting here today.


  1. We all have our thoughts and opinions, and you should feel no worries about posting them here. If others don't want to look, then, my thoughts are, just don't look.

    Just my .02. :-) You keep blogging away...

  2. Hi Tag,

    Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving your comment. It's appreciated.

  3. I personally like reading other's opinions and views on a topic. That doesn't mean that I have to agree but it means that I want to think about all sides of an issue. America is about freedom of speech, viewpoints and choices. I hope that it always is.

    Your work is very lovely and I often feature it in treasuries and you write a very interesting blog.


  4. Kae,

    Thanks for stopping in today.

    Thank goodness we are able to express our opinions. And, IMO, it's just plain smart to consider different points of view. It doesn't mean you agree but it might offer valuable insight not otherwise considered.

    :) Barbara


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