Friday, February 27, 2009

Struggling Artist Blues

I recently sent over a bunch of art blocks to artists in cellophane. The excitement was definitely there when I sent off the bundle. Anticipation and some expectation was felt on my part although I over shot my mark. In the bundle I included a hand full of quality prints from my work. I created some of the art blocks using my art prints thinking they would fly. From where I'm sitting, I thought the artists in cellophane vendors would be happy to have them. I thought, incorrectly, people would enjoy the prints as long as some originality was introduced into the work. I was creative in making them adding bits of original touches to the blocks here and there making each one unique in their own right.

Here I sit and write this today with the "struggling artist blues". It's a cliche I know, at least the "struggling artist" part of it. It's the truth however cliche. We sweat over our work trying to create something from nothing. A blank canvas in front of us as we try to come up with some inspiration; adding some purpose to the work. I was definitely hitting a blind spot in my creative path. I do not deny it. It was the reason why I included some semi-original, mixed media art blocks for the "kurplunking" vendors. A side note, I like using the "u" instead of the "e" in "kerplunk".

Anyway, this is not to say that I didn't include some original paintings in the shipment. I did. The vendors like original work - not prints. This is totally acceptable and reasonable. Honestly, what was I thinking.

As an artist, I push the envelope a bit. Is that not what artists are suppose to do. However, I attempted to take a "quick and dirty" path - another cliche. It definitely describes my intention, do you agree? But! I put effort into making them unique and one of a kind. These pieces are mixed media combining the print with original work surrounding it.

I know now - not to include prints in my art blocks however mixed media it might be. Still, I have the blues. Honestly, I thought they were decent enough otherwise I wouldn't have included them.

It's a challenging road creating art. I keep persisting at it because I enjoy it. Otherwise, why bother - right?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Music In My Mind

Music in My Mind is an oil painting I recently created. It's an offshoot from the "Jam" piece on the miniature art block. I love the "Jam" so I was inspired to paint a piece on a larger scale in similar style.

I think this piece shows lots of movement and no doubt is rich with color. It's an expression of my love for music. This was a fun piece to paint. As it began to develop I felt a great deal of joy. I hope this comes across in the art work.

The original is hanging proudly in my family room. I offer high quality prints through Imagekind

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adoption Jewelry Designs

It's been a while since I blogged about the unique and popular adoption jewelry designs I create.

I began making the adoption jewelry in 2003 when I couldn't find anything on the Internet or elsewhere. I drew upon my experience as an adoption parent of two great kids. My daughter was born in China and my son was born here in the US.

The first design I launched was the Adoption Is Love bracelet. It became popular and inspired me to create designs celebrating adoptions from around the world. I introduced the first China adoption bracelet with the "In My Heart" China bracelet. In the adoption community we say our child is "born in our heart". And, from my perspective it is a totally accurate expression.

Following were many other adoption theme designs including the "Forever Family" sterling silver necklace. I also offer custom designs to personalize the bracelet or necklace.

I think there's something for everyone including Dad's who have adopted from China. I'm still working on other ideas and always open to feedback and design suggestions.

Go directly to this link: Adoption Jewelry Designs to see the variety of adoption jewelry designs I offer.

Additionally, on my fine art website, I recently made a painting reflecting adoption: I offer high quality prints of the piece at very reasonable prices. See this great piece I call "Waiting". I think it's very special.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Art Blocks Have Been Shipped

I finally got the new art blocks shipped out to artists in cellophane. There are some new inspirations in these pieces. I included some of my previous work in high quality, limited edition, archival prints. I will create only 25 limited edition prints. All prints are numbered and signed by me.

My art blocks vend in NYC and one place in particular is the Whitney Museum. Although these are small works of art, I'm absolutely thrilled to share my art and have them vend at the Whitney.

All original work is done in acrylic.

For part of this show/tell, I've included some of the recent pieces that were in the shipment:

The one on the left is untitled. I just couldn't decide on a name for this piece. It kind of reminds me of snails floating on the sea. I painted the art directly on the wood block. On the right is a piece I call "Jam". It has a rhythm to it and expresses my love for music. It's painted on canvas and mounted on the wood block with acid free adhesive. I was so inspired by the Jam piece that I created a larger version of it in oil on canvas. The image of the new piece will be posted in a different blog installment.

This one is called "slices". I attempted to create some depth here with layers of circles in various sizes and colors. It's an original on canvas mounted with acid free adhesive.

And, finally these are archival prints from my original work. The original pieces on each end were done in colored pencil. The one in the middle is mixed media and digitally enhanced. These are limited edition, numbered and signed by me.

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