Friday, February 27, 2009

Struggling Artist Blues

I recently sent over a bunch of art blocks to artists in cellophane. The excitement was definitely there when I sent off the bundle. Anticipation and some expectation was felt on my part although I over shot my mark. In the bundle I included a hand full of quality prints from my work. I created some of the art blocks using my art prints thinking they would fly. From where I'm sitting, I thought the artists in cellophane vendors would be happy to have them. I thought, incorrectly, people would enjoy the prints as long as some originality was introduced into the work. I was creative in making them adding bits of original touches to the blocks here and there making each one unique in their own right.

Here I sit and write this today with the "struggling artist blues". It's a cliche I know, at least the "struggling artist" part of it. It's the truth however cliche. We sweat over our work trying to create something from nothing. A blank canvas in front of us as we try to come up with some inspiration; adding some purpose to the work. I was definitely hitting a blind spot in my creative path. I do not deny it. It was the reason why I included some semi-original, mixed media art blocks for the "kurplunking" vendors. A side note, I like using the "u" instead of the "e" in "kerplunk".

Anyway, this is not to say that I didn't include some original paintings in the shipment. I did. The vendors like original work - not prints. This is totally acceptable and reasonable. Honestly, what was I thinking.

As an artist, I push the envelope a bit. Is that not what artists are suppose to do. However, I attempted to take a "quick and dirty" path - another cliche. It definitely describes my intention, do you agree? But! I put effort into making them unique and one of a kind. These pieces are mixed media combining the print with original work surrounding it.

I know now - not to include prints in my art blocks however mixed media it might be. Still, I have the blues. Honestly, I thought they were decent enough otherwise I wouldn't have included them.

It's a challenging road creating art. I keep persisting at it because I enjoy it. Otherwise, why bother - right?


  1. love your artomat pieces. i have some here that i need to get in the mail.

  2. It certainly is challenging. It is like walking a tightrope.
    Will it be art or crap ! I love the way the blocks look.
    It is their loss. Keep up the great work :) Joan

  3. I appreciate all the words of support. Art isn't something that just happens. It'a a huge process that takes lots of thought, time and often fortitude.

    Thanks for stopping in to leave your comments.

  4. Your blocks are beautiful. Yes at times it is difficult to know what to create and what medium to use etc. I have noticed so that when my muse has gone missing I tend to return to my original love, Graphite.
    Keep on.....

  5. I love your blocks! I will have to look next time I am at the Ky Center for the Arts to see if your work is in their Art O Mat. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Barbara, I will you $5.00 bills, and you can send me art on blocks or in boxes!! Keep up the good work. You do amazing things. Sharon

  7. Thanks so much for leaving such encouraging words. It's means the world to me!

  8. those works look amazing. i love artomat. keep up the great work. i may try to kerplunk one of those if they come to minneapolis

  9. Thanks for stopping in. Helpful comments are welcomed and most of all appreciated! :)


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