Sunday, February 15, 2009

Art Blocks Have Been Shipped

I finally got the new art blocks shipped out to artists in cellophane. There are some new inspirations in these pieces. I included some of my previous work in high quality, limited edition, archival prints. I will create only 25 limited edition prints. All prints are numbered and signed by me.

My art blocks vend in NYC and one place in particular is the Whitney Museum. Although these are small works of art, I'm absolutely thrilled to share my art and have them vend at the Whitney.

All original work is done in acrylic.

For part of this show/tell, I've included some of the recent pieces that were in the shipment:

The one on the left is untitled. I just couldn't decide on a name for this piece. It kind of reminds me of snails floating on the sea. I painted the art directly on the wood block. On the right is a piece I call "Jam". It has a rhythm to it and expresses my love for music. It's painted on canvas and mounted on the wood block with acid free adhesive. I was so inspired by the Jam piece that I created a larger version of it in oil on canvas. The image of the new piece will be posted in a different blog installment.

This one is called "slices". I attempted to create some depth here with layers of circles in various sizes and colors. It's an original on canvas mounted with acid free adhesive.

And, finally these are archival prints from my original work. The original pieces on each end were done in colored pencil. The one in the middle is mixed media and digitally enhanced. These are limited edition, numbered and signed by me.


  1. Great designs very fun and inspiring makes me want to go create some fun jewelry thanks

  2. Hi, Barbara. Your art blocks are amazing, really love them all.

    We live near each other, well kinda, that's cool.



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