Thursday, October 2, 2008

Viewing the Berkshires

I always get a little laugh when I tell people I'm from New York, they think "the city" automatically. Although it's a reasonable assumption, New York is such a beautiful state and there's so much more than the great "Big Apple".
I feel blessed because I'm from the Bronx originally and grew up with the cultural benefits of living near New York City. Growing up in the Bronx held so many diverse avenues for me to become enriched culturally. Although, I'm a "city girl", on the inside, I'm a country girl at heart.
Growing up, I longed for the country life of rolling hills and green fields with cows, horses and sheep grazing. I live near the neighboring states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. We are about 90 miles north of the city and our home has a great view of the Berkshire foothills. There are many horse farms nearby and many of our neighbors raise cows, sheep and other farm animals. Shortly after moving here, we started our own flock of 14 laying hens but that's a side story.
Yesterday, while waiting for the school bus with my young son, I took a couple of photos of the Berkshire foothills as seen from the bottom of my driveway. Nearby, a neighbor has sheep in the field so I took a shot of that as well. In the Berkshires photos, you can see some low hanging clouds and a couple of trees with beautiful shades of orange. Soon the foothills will be a splash of fall colors.
I hope to gather more images as the trees turn color. When I do, I'll be sure to post them to this blog.

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