Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Purusing What You Love

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I gain a great deal of satisfaction creating art.  It is a thing I was told when I was very young that I had an aptitude for but lacked the self confidence and belief in myself to recognize it.  Fast forward decades later and now in my mid-life, I'm doing what I love.  I don't do it with the high expectation of getting rich because if I did that, if I thought in that narrow way, it would negatively impact my creativity.  I would therefore, be trapped with the constant thought, this thing I make must be good enough so others will want to buy it.  It must be good enough for others first and foremost.  I can't do that.  It's one of the reasons why I struggle sticking to one type of genre.  For me, it's very limiting to do only landscapes or whatever.  I do whatever moves me simply because it's important to me in that space of time.

The true pursuit of happiness is following our dreams.  Doing things that motivates us from the inside out.  I've done the corporate grind in the first half of my life.  It was always a means to an end.  It made the difference of keeping food on the table and the roof over the head.  It was not something I loved doing or looked forward to with a great deal of satisfaction.  Living life in that way although very necessary for many is enslavement.   Our current economic system by design forces us into these boxes of confinement to survive.  Life shouldn't be just about surviving.   It should be about enjoying and doing so much more then just getting by.

The above video resonated with me because it is so very true in my opinion.  It states plainly and clearly how limiting life can be if our primary motivation is getting rich.  If getting rich is the main focus not the pursuit of doing a thing that enriches our soul is a death to our spirit.  Having disposal income makes living life easier in many respects but when we master what we love by pursuing it, often times the money will follow.

I am nowhere near being independently wealthy through the sales of my art works.  I am however, doing something that is fulfilling.  It is also extremely satisfying to know that my work gives joy and meaning to others.  I believe being true to my life which reflects in my work will lead to compensation that assists in my livelihood.  That my primary focus is to create art because it gives me joy and the rest will follow.

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