Friday, September 7, 2007

Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs Added Another Blog Space

You can now find me on two blogs. Two blogs are better than none, eh? I'm excited about creating this new blog. It provides another way for me to get the word out on the great designs I make. I'm an artist. My main focus has been on crafting jewelry designs. The designs I make are unique and very well made. You can check it out here: I think you'll like what you see. And, you can let your friends know about my site too! As an artist, I guess I can't be too modest for suggesting it.
So, why do I call this blog "Sunfluer's Designs?" I also draw and paint. Creative people seem to need more then one way to express themselves. With that being said, I recently created artwork ceramic pendants. The one above is a personal favorite. You can check out more artwork pendants as well as the many other designs on my website.
BTW: You can find the other blog at this spot

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