Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ArtOMat Project - Drum Roll Please :)

I've been working feverishly, OK, not so feverishly but definitely putting in a lot of effort on my next batch of art blocks for ArtOMat. The ongoing project takes a great deal of time, effort and creative ideas but I'm enjoying the ride. I don't make the art for a profit that is for sure. It's a lot of fun knowing someone out there will get the little thrill of pulling the knob, hear the "kurplunk" sound and walla a miniature work of art.

I've created a 2ND edition of the birches but this time it's done in 4 blocks. It has spring colors given that spring is upon us and it's what has inspired me.

My daughter loves how the blocks come together to form a complete picture. Each art block is a work of art but they look so much better together.

Add a picture hanger to the back and you've got yourself a nice little conversation piece hanging on your wall.

OK - so enough chatter. Here is a sample of the art blocks created by me destined to kurplunk at a re-furbed vending machine near you.

Birches II on 4 blocks - Acrylic on canvas mounted on wood block - BGiordano, 2009

Guess you'll need to collect all 4 to see the full effect. ;)


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