Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Block Prints

This little beauty is called "Caught By Surprise". She's a little garden nymph just going about her nymphing business when "wham" someone busted in on her territory. Seriously, she's kinda a cute - don't you agree. ;) By the way, she has a lovely gold leaf border surrounding the image. Super cool for only 5 bucks!

I have these art block prints available for sale at the same great price of $5.00 plus the meager sum of $2.50 for S/H. The art blocks can go anywhere you want to add a little artistic touch. Add a picture hanger to the back and walla you have a wall accent. Place it on your desk or in your cubby at work as a nice little (no pun intended) :) conversation piece.

All I can say is, these miniature works of art are an inexpensive way to collect art. I know that kurpluncking is "funer" as my young son would say but it's still kinda neat to get fun art in a compact package.

The blocks below are "Journey", "Cosmic Prayer", "Cosmic Dance". Comic Prayer and Dance are from my mandala artwork. I created these art pieces by digitally manipulating other art stuff made by me creating a mandala effect. They are mixed media prints on art blocks.


  1. Hi Barbara - I added you and Betty Refour to my list of Arto-artist on my blog...thanks for listing me on yours! I am trying to list as many fellow Art-o-mat artists as I can, too~

  2. You are really talented. Your creation is beyond our imagination.


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