Sunday, April 5, 2009

More On Adoption Designs

I'm working on creating new and exciting handcrafted jewelry to add to my adoption design line. I create unique, limited edition designs. And, it's been time to clean house. These are brand new celebrate China adoption bracelets.

Many of the designs can be custom ordered. The 14K gold vermeil bracelet shown, can be made to represent the birth/adoption month colors of your choice. I love offering custom orders and giving my customers a very personal shopping experience.

I will be working on more sterling silver adoption designs. Visit often to see all the designs in my catalog. Many designs marked "sold out:, can be custom ordered.

Here are a couple of the designs added to the catalog:


  1. That's a spectacular piece..!:)

  2. hey stranger, glad to see your still developing your adoption jewelry line. drop me a email so we can catch up!


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