Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Painting In Progress

To get out of my funk, I started a new pet portrait painting today.  It is of my sweet Lab dog, Moon.  I am working from a photo and using acrylic on 9 x 12 canvas.  The work is in progress but I wanted to share it so you can see where I’m at in the piece.

MoonPortraitI decided not to crop the photo so you can see the work as it is on my work table.  There’s a way to go with it but so far, I am liking with the progression.  I’m especially happy with the tongue which I considered a bit of a challenge.  For the color of it, I used a mixed of cadmium red deep and medium, burnt sienna and white.  I had to play around with mixing the colors until I was satisfied.  I think I got it just right.

The one good thing about having a small studio is that it forces me to finish a piece before moving on to the next.  With limited space, it’s difficult to leave unfinished work laying around.  I expect to have the work completed soon.  When it is completed, I will post it so be sure to check back to see it.

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