Monday, May 3, 2010

Captured Moments

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.  ~ Buddha ~


I love animals life which is probably an understatement.  Saying it, doesn’t fully translate what I feel or think when I hug my dogs or admire cows and horses grazing in the field.  I want to show through my work what I consider to be pleasing both to heart and mind.


In a previous post, I mentioned that I photographed cows.  It is rural where we live.  There are many horse and cow farms.  Driving past the farms, seeing the animals grazing always puts a smile on my face.  On rare occasion, I’ve had to stop to let a cow parade cross the road as they made their way to the field on the other side.  One time, a herd of horses were in the road.  I think they got loose.  Their owner was no where to be seen.  It was a funny and strange sight seeing them outside of their enclosure.  They weren’t scared, in fact, they appeared relaxed as if it’s something they tend to do – get out unbeknown to their humans.

I want to share some of the beauty I see on my daily rounds.  And, I’m using these captured moments in my work, adding in photo art.  If you like art in practical, useful products, I design mugs, tee shirts, magnets and more at my Zazzle store.  There is a wide selection and they are thoughtful gift ideas.  Kids love stickers and magnets too!  It’s a cost effective way to give a little something for your child without going over board.  Keep a few on hand, tucked away for that special time you want to reward your child for a job well done.  Buy these items and put them away to keep gifts on hand.


What is your favorite Zazzle product?

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