Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It Must Be Envy Because They Criticized It Without Knowing

So many times people are afraid of competition, when it should bring out the best in us. We all have talents and abilities, so why be intimidated by other people's skills?   ~ Lou Holtz ~

So yesterday, I received what I call a "nasty gram" email from some unknown person regarding the pricing of my carefully, handcrafted bracelets.  Oh, yes, did I say handcrafted jewelry?  I know, I've been talking a lot about my fine artworks, but my whole art career was jump started with my jewelry designs back in 2003.

Ok, so on to the email from a person complaining about the prices.  Wait.  Let me show you what I mean; here's the email:

Your jewelry is very basic and could not have cost more than $15 to make.  Why are your prices soo high? I googled looking for handmade jewlery and ran across a blog post you put on then found the address to your website.   But your prices are insanely high. I realize you consider it art work and you use a formula to determine your prices. But I was just looking for something different for a gift. I would not pay $80 for a bracelet that took less than 30 minutes to make with beads you bought wholesale. I can't help but wonder if you make a living at this. Or is the advertising you do on your website that earns your income. Just some thoughts. Obviously that is a fake email address I put in. 
She not only complains about the prices but makes a lot of assumptions about the cost and time it takes to make the designs.  In addition, she states her  email addy is fake and if that is true, doesn't allow me the opportunity to respond.

How could she possibly know what I pay for material or the time it takes for me to handcraft a design?  A while back I got a similar email and the wording is very much the same.  Too bad, I didn't save the email to compare.  I dismissed it but when I got this one, it screamed to me it's from the same person.  I'm just wondering if this is a competitor making a lame attempt of knocking out the competition.  I mean, this approach is mean spirited - right?  I also wonder if there are any other jewelry artists out there getting the same or similar emails.

If a person wants to pay less, buy a mass produced piece of jewelry of lesser quality, places like Walmart or Sam's Club are well stocked with it. My Aunt, may she rest in peace had an expression "if you don't like the direction you're looking in, there are three others to choose from." And, as many a mom instructs their child, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Please let me take a moment here to talk about my jewelry designs.  All of the designs are my creations.  The designs are not "knock offs" or another person's idea.  A great deal of thought and education goes into handcrafting these designs.  The prices are based on high quality material, labor and overhead.  These designs are original, many are one of a kind and all of it is made by hand, by me.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful customer base and many repeat customers who come back and refer their friends.  I have testimonies on my website from my customers letting me know their reaction to the jewerly and purchasing experience.  I appreciate each and every customer.  I also appreciate all the feedback I receive including the "nasty gram".  It inspires me and keeps me on my toes.  All of it, is very, very good and I thank you all for it.  It helps me become a better artist and a better person.

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  1. Your original designs are beautiful, so I am glad you have taken this nasty person's comments with a grain of salt. Only those who acknowledge who they are deserve a second thought! Have the happiest of days.


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