Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zoe 4, 30 Pet Portraits in 60 Days

Here is Zoe 4, the fourth painting in the 30 Pet Portraits in 60 Days self imposed art project. Zoe was challenging to paint due to all of her lovely markings and color variations in the coat. I am very pleased with this likeness rendering of Zoe. And, my aim in this project is to achieve a likeness of my study.
I referenced a photo submitted by Zoe's human to create this painting and think I did this sweet girl justice in the painting. When I create a painting, I dive right in. I do not sketch the work out. Instead I create a background with my paint and make a general outline of my subject. I then move in to bring my subject to "life" on the canvas. The early stages of the work can be a little frustrating because it takes a bit of work with layers of paint for the subject to begin shinning through. When I'm finally satisfied with the outline, I then work in the details.

I realize my approach is unconventional and loose but this is what comfortable for me. I enjoy working outside of the box.
I welcome comments so please consider leaving some of your thoughts and/or questions here on this blog. Thanks for visiting and participating in this project.

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