Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Sirius Drawing

I've had my puppy Sirius on my mind a lot lately. After he had the two seizures, I watch him closely. Thank goodness there haven't been anymore episodes. After the last visit to the vet, it was determined that Sirius had Giardia - yuk! We got a 6 days prescription of Panacur and it just seems that after each dose, my pup gets very hyper and agitated. One dose remains and I decided to not to give it to him. Guess what? He's been a (relatively calm) puppy today!

I searched online to read about the side effects of Panacur but there's nothing I can find that suggests hyperactivity. I'm not sure if my pup was feeling nauseated by the med and his response is restlessness. Whatever - I don't know but I'm not giving him the last dose. I think after 5 doses, the disgusting parasite is gone. I hope.

Anyway, I've got my drawing/creating groove on so I made the drawing you see here of my sweet puppy. I took two images showing the work in progress and the completed work.

I love animals and enjoy drawing faces. I believe I got my pup just right in this drawing. For the most part, I'm pleased with the finished work. I'm self taught so I don't bang my head against the wall if it isn't perfect. Capturing the essence is most important to me.

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