Friday, December 17, 2010

Year of the Rabbit

My latest artwork is inspired by the upcoming Chinese New Year in February 2011.  Twelve years ago,  I traveled to China to adopt my daughter.  The Chinese were getting ready to celebrate the year of the rabbit.  There were decorations everywhere with images of the rabbit and auspicious symbols.  This memory is what is behind this new work.

It is red pigment ink with gold leaf on Bristol.  The image is available on various products in my Zazzle store.

It is a small scale, 5 x 5 work.  It took an entire afternoon to create it.  I had to take my time to fill in the red ink.  It required patience and a steady hand.  In the middle of the rabbit's body is the Chinese symbol for "rabbit". 

I'm happy I learned as a child to color inside of the lines although my inclination as an adult is to work outside of it...

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