Friday, December 3, 2010

New Digital Art

I was finally able to fund a graphic tablet.  I'm very excited about it and couldn’t wait to begin the first project.  It takes a bit getting used to working with it although having some prior experience using Photoshop helps a lot.

After reviewing the tutorial, I jumped right in learning as I go along.  I created a piece from my memory of the Mad Hatter, a favorite character.

HatterReducedWhat I love about the tablet is the flexibility of making changes.  It’s so easy if you don’t like something or want a different color.  Flexibility is something I could definitely live with.  I’m hoping that as I become more proficient using the tablet it will help me find more of my voice and vision in my work.  It is great, I think as an aid to loosing up artist block.  Now, I’m looking forward to creating the next artwork.

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