Sunday, July 12, 2009

In Loving Memory Of My Dog, Snickers

This photo was taken when Snickers was much younger, approximately 8 years ago when he was in the prime of his life.

Our sweet and gentle dog, Snickers Buddy Boy was laid to rest on Friday, July 10th. Snickers was a character. He's was the only dog I've ever known that would look at a bug and "gag". It was one of the many things that made him special to us. In his younger days, whenever my husband mowed the lawn, Snickers would be right there following him up/down until the work was done. It was quite amazing to us and our neighbors. Whenever a neighbors dog got loose, it always seemed to make their way over to our house to visit Snickers. He was loved by everyone, dogs and people alike. His favorite food was pizza and we could never get through a meal without sharing some with him.

We adopted Snickers from the New Rochelle, NY Humane Society in May 1998. We're not sure how old he was at the time. We guess he was around a year old. We gave Snickers the best life. Snickers lived with us surrounded by unconditional love, never abused or neglected and in fact, lived a very cushioned life. He will always remain in our hearts.

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