Saturday, July 12, 2008

What is the value of an ACEO?

ACEO - art card edition and original are miniature works of art no more than the size of a baseball trading card. It measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches. This is considered the standard size to qualify for an ACEO.

These little works of art are highly collectible. It's a relatively inexpensive way to collect artworks from favorite artists. If you have a group of friends who enjoy collecting these great pieces of art, they are fun to trade as well.

The more expensive ACEO's are the coveted originals. They cost more because of their individual value as the original work. It's a greater challenge for the artist to create original art on a small platform. All the more reason for the greater value.

Many artists enjoy creating prints in ACEO form from their original artworks. These prints are highly prized as well. It's an affordable way for the ACEO collector to gather art from their favorite artists. I especially enjoy offering prints of my work in ACEO form at very reasonable prices.

When I reproduce my artwork in the ACEO size, I use my Jasc software to help out. I can get the right pixelation for excellent printing results. My work is digitally resized and printed on my Epson R1900 pigment ink printer.

The value of my ACEO is fully worth the value of the paper it's printed on. Right now, I'm getting excellent results printing my art on Epson photo quality paper. The print quality and color replicate the original artwork. I use a backing for the printed work. I find acid free Bristol to offer a good, stable support for the photo paper. And, I use only an acid free adhesive to mount the art.

I recently shopped for artwork supplies. I was happy to see Strathmore offering acrylic and watercolor papers in the exact size for creating ACEO's art with matching envelopes. It shows the art world is starting to embrace the "collectability" of these miniature art forms. And, offering a time saver for the artist who would otherwise need to cut the papers to size.

ACEO's can be matted and framed. A 5 x 7 inch frame with a mat offers a beautiful display for the wall or desk. And, don't stop there because they can be arranged in as many ways as your imagination and decorative ideas will take you.

If you enjoy collecting artworks but your budget is limited, ACEO's offer an affordable way to decorate just about any space.
ACEO's as well as original paintings and drawings are available for sale at very reasonable prices at both my Etsy shop and my website: Off The Cuff Art

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