Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holding Hands Mixed Media

A while back I did a pencil drawing of an adult hand holding a child's hand.  I put the work aside knowing at some point I would find inspiration to do something more with it.

I recently purchased a tablet for creating digital artwork.  Combining media to create one piece of art is very exciting.  I'm still in the learning curve stage but very happy with the recent result of mixing traditional with digital art.

By coping the pencil drawing and bringing it into my Corel paint software, I was able to add color to the artwork.  I had to guess at skin color but my goal was to show difference.  I wasn't looking for absolute realism; just an idea of it.

Previously, I created a digital heart that I used for different products at my Zazzle stores.  I was suddently inspired to combine the digitally enhanced holding hands drawing with the digital heart to create a new, adoption inspired artwork.  By working with layers in my paintshop program, I was able to make a completely new creation.

Since I'm teaching myself how to create digital art, it's an exercise of trial and error.  I'm really liking the transparent background in the image.  As a result, I can now make fun and exciting designs for products in my Zazzle stores.

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