Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blocks for ArtOMat

My contribution for ArtoMat is long overdue.  I’ve been working on an animals series.  Many pieces are dogs but there are other surprises in this art block series.

Here is a preview of the work:


The blocks are painted and I just need to finish mounting the work.  My goal is to get the pieces completed and ready for shipping before months end.

All works in the set are done in pencil and/or acid free, archival ink pens and markers.


  1. delightful!
    do you have each one of these dogs in real life? :)

  2. The Muse, I referenced the dogs on collector cards I get in the Blue Buffalo dog food bag. Bascially, pet owners send in a pic of their pet and if the company likes it, the photo ends up on a collector card. Sweet! :)


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